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Buying a bakery machine

In recent years, the number of bakeries that use bakery machines to bake bread has increased. The reason for this is the increase in the quality and capacity of bread production. Another reason that has caused more attention to the bakery machine is the reduction of hand intervention and the improvement of sanitary conditions in the bread production process.

Today, referring to bakeries, it can be seen that bakery machines are used to bake traditional and fancy types of bread, and this has made the process of baking bread easier for dear bakers than in the past and the production of bread waste is largely avoided.

تنور دوار نانوایی

Price and purchase of bakery machine

The price of the bread machine depends on various factors such as the quality of the equipment used in the production of the machine, the capacity of bread production, the efficiency, etc. of the bread machine. Therefore, our advice to you dear ones is to pay a lot of attention to these details when choosing and buying a bakery machine and never sacrifice quality for quantity (cheapness).

With more than 15 years of experience in the production and manufacture of bakery machines, Sadra Pokht Azerbaijan company gives you this guarantee that it pays great attention to the quality and efficiency of the machines in the production of its bakery machines, and by providing an 18-month golden warranty with after-sales service. From ten years of sales, it is with you on the way to your business. Sadra Pokht Company has taken into account the ease of working with the machine, maintenance and repairs by observing all the technical and engineering principles in the production of its products so that you are satisfied with your purchase from our company.

The last point is that Sadra Pokht Azarbaijan has provided these conditions by providing services such as installment sales of bakery machines, so that you can purchase installments with the best conditions and the highest quality and with ease.

Therefore, please contact our sales experts to know the price of bakery machines and purchase products of Sadra Pokht Company, so that they can provide you with the necessary guidance.

Features of Sadra Pokht bakery machines

Engineered, optimized and functional design

Devices that are designed by engineers and experts in accordance with the principles of engineering design have a great advantage over devices that are produced without the supervision of engineers. The advantages of engineered devices include low noise, high speed of device operation, the possibility of assembling and disassembling the device, optimal energy consumption, high efficiency of the device, complete insulation of the device to prevent energy loss.

Quality parts and availability

Definitely, the quality of the parts used to produce a bakery machine is one of the important indicators, and the use of quality parts also increases the life of the bread baking machine. Another important factor is the availability of parts of the device so that the parts can be easily accessed if needed.

Fuel and energy consumption

The fuel consumption of the bakery machine should be compatible with the environment where the user is going to use the machine and it can be used with different fuels so as not to create any restrictions. Also, in fuel consumption, another issue that is very important is the amount of fuel and energy consumption in the device, which engineered devices have optimal energy consumption.

Dimensions and shape of the device

The dimensions and shape of the baking machine should be designed in such a way that it can be used in most spaces and does not affect the efficiency of the baking machine.

Practical features

The facilities available on the industrial rotary oven device have a direct effect on the price of the bakery device, the presence of unnecessary features on the device increases the complexity of the device and increases the price of the bakery device, so the features of the bakery device should be installed according to the customer's needs.

Brand credibility of the production unit

The importance of brand reputation in the field of buying a bakery machine is because the owners of famous brands have a lot of experience in their field of work and have done their own trials and errors in the field of producing their machines and have reached the desired result, and customers are more Thanks to the brand, they make their purchases more easily and quickly.

after sales service

Products that have a warranty and after-sales service have better quality and performance because the manufacturer of these products is confident in the high quality of their products.

18 months warranty

Sadra Pokht Azerbaijan company has provided 18 months golden warranty for bakery machines with full confidence in the quality of its machines and in line with customer orientation.

High quality bread

When a high-quality bakery machine is produced with engineering principles, the quality of the breads produced in this way is also very high, and therefore the quality of the breads that are produced with Sadra baking machines in Azerbaijan is also high.

Types of bakery machines

Currently, there are different types of baking machines, each of which has its own use, and one of the most widely used and popular baking machines is the industrial bakery and restaurant oven. This device is used to bake traditional bread such as lavash bread, tufton bread, sengak bread.

Lavash bread baking machine is an industrialized model of old ovens and has solved the problems of traditional ovens, and with easy use and higher facilities, it allows bakers to produce and supply higher quality bread at a higher speed in a shorter period of time.

Another advantage of mechanizing bakeries is reducing the need for human labor, which is very effective in reducing bakery costs.

When using ovens, the baker can easily remove the bread from the oven while standing or sitting. It should be mentioned here that in the rotary ovens of Sadra Pokht, it is possible to install a bread rack and a cool tunnel rail, so that you can automate the entire bread baking process in the future.

تنور دوار نانوایی

Rotary bakery oven

This oven is one of the models of Tufton bread baking machine. This device is used to bake traditional breads such as lavash, barbari, tufton and pizza. In the structure of this oven, high-thickness cast iron stone is used for better heat transfer and also to keep the heat in the oven for a longer period of time and to prevent heat loss in a high proportion.

In the production of bread baking machine, three types of cast iron are used: porous, less porous and smooth, according to the bread produced. Also, you can use both types of gas and diesel fuel to use this oven and have no restrictions.

For more information about this device, you can refer to the page related to this oven and get additional information about this device and how to buy it.

Restaurant rotary oven

The oven is a restaurant device for use in restaurants. Due to its small dimensions, this device can be easily used in small places such as restaurants, grills, fast food, etc. A restaurant rotary oven machine produces bread using direct heat and rotating method. This device also works with both types of gas and diesel fuel like the bakery device. For more information and to buy a restaurant rotary oven, you can refer to this product’s page.

150 دستگاه تنور دوار رستورانی
تنور نانوایی بربری و نان روغنی

Three meter rotary oven

Sadra Pokht company’s 300 rotary oven machine for baking bread (barbari and oil, as well as dry and sour bread) in private bakeries and even large industrial companies with a high number of personnel, barracks, government centers and organizations that have consumer cooperatives. , is used.

Cast iron stones with high thickness are used in the structure of the three-meter rotary oven. Cast iron with high thickness is used in this device for two important reasons:

Long-term maintenance of the heat of the burners and not cooling the stone quickly
No peeling of cast iron and its long life.

How to choose a bakery machine

To choose and buy a bakery machine, the first thing is, what kind of bread do you intend to produce with this machine? Because each device is used to bake special breads. For example, to bake traditional breads such as lavash and tafton, you can use a bakery oven or a restaurant oven to bake bread in restaurants. The method of baking bread in these bakery and restaurant machines is direct heat.

The steps of baking bread with a bakery machine

In the following, we briefly present the necessary steps for baking bread with a bakery machine:

Preparation of flour


give rest

Forming the dough



150 دستگاه تنور دوار رستورانی

Important points when buying a bakery machine

When buying a bakery machine, there are a series of important and necessary points that have a great impact on determining the daily price of the bread baking machine. In the following, these items are given in abbreviated form:

Frequently asked questions about buying a bakery machine

Sadra Pokht is a manufacturer of bakery equipment, including rotary oven for bakery and restaurant, etc.

Sadra pokht Azerbaijan are designed by a group of engineers and specialists of bread industry machines and produced in the factory by experienced and skilled workers.

To buy Sadra Pokht bakery machines, you must first contact our sales experts with the numbers available on the site. Our experts will give you the necessary guidance and you can purchase Sadra Pukht products both online and by calling. Also, our dear customers can visit the Sadra baking factory in Azerbaijan and see the bakery machines up close.

The terms of sale are both in cash and in installments, and you can contact us to know about the terms of installments.

You can call 09149387411 to get representation and find out about the great benefits of representation.

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