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Cast iron stone for bakery oven

The cast iron baking pan is an important factor in the structure of the rotary oven of the bakery, which is transformed into three types of perforated, shallow and smooth breads based on the baking of Lavash, Tufton, and Berber breads.


What is cast iron?

Cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon in which there is more than 2% carbon. To produce cast iron, iron must be extracted from iron ore. The ore is smelted in a blast furnace, where it is separated from iron and slag. The iron ore in the furnace is heated to about 1800 degrees Celsius, and the slag formed rises to the top and can be removed.

The characteristics of cast iron used in the cast iron of Sadra Pokht bakery machines in Azerbaijan

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Cast iron bakery of Sadra Pokht Azerbaijan company

One of the main and important items in baking lavash, tufton and barbari breads and cast iron stones is the rotary oven machine of the bakery. has done in this matter. The main difference between the cast iron plates of this company and similar products in the market is in their thickness and percentage of purity, which makes these plates retain heat for a longer time, which causes one-handed and uniform baking of bread and saves energy. be..

How to buy cast iron teak bakery machine

You can contact the experts of Sadra Pokht to inquire about the price of cast iron teak or to get more information about baking oven stone.

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